Often in life things seem to go wrong, by our own definition of what should happen. And our default response is often – why did this happen to me? Which is closely followed by “what else can go wrong?” or even “how can it get any worse?” And you, usually, promptly get what  you ask for – something worse, or more things go wrong. And this starts the seemingly endless loop of “why does it always happen to me?”


That right there – that is victim consciousness. The “why me?”. Feeling helpless and at the mercy of circumstances. Circumstances which seem to go “wrong” and prove the “why me” statement. You feel lonely, alone and “me against the world” helplessness.


This is the Victim archetype. Archetypes are nothing new. They were originally studied by Carl Jung. If you want to delve into some of this work by him – GO HERE. Later Caroline Myss in her book “Sacred Contracts” explored them more. She starts with four archetypes – Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur. Feel free to get her book and delve into these for yourself.


Going back to the Victim Archetype – the positive aspect of this is the Warrior Archetype. The Warrior has firm boundaries and is clear and content with setting and maintaining these. The endless cycle of “why does this happen to me” can be broken. Yes it does take some work, some digging into the story behind the scenes – but it is very do-able. You can turn things around!