I never really talk about the actual depth of the work that I do, nor how easily it comes to me. Now I am going to have a good attempt at giving you a look inside my work, the results and some of the side-effects too!


I have a Super Power. I change lives! I intuitively know where to start to help clients unravel the complicated bundle of “stuff” that they usually present me with. Often they cannot really find the words to express what they need to change, they just know that something needs to change as the way things are at the present moment isn’t working for them.


I seldom realise the extent of the work I do, I just accept it as normal, until I share my clients results with other people.


One example is a young lady who could not venture out of her house unless she had a trusted family member close by. Shopping was a nightmare and being in close proximity to strangers was even worse. This was aggravated because it was at the height of the pandemic. Once we finished working together, not only was she able to confidently shop on her own and drive her car, she caught a train – loaded with our finest football fans (you know the level of discomfort most people feel with this) and then travel overseas to visit family. And this wasn’t years of working together. This was 3 sessions!


Sometimes a client only requires a few sessions, like the chap who had such bad sciatica that he couldn’t put his own socks and shoes on, nor turn over in bed at night without waking up. At the end of the first session he had tingling in his toes and woke up the next morning not having to wake himself up to turn over. And he promptly put on his own socks and shoes. We worked together for one more session and that was it! I then worked with his young son, who had a fear of water – two sessions and he was happily playing in the water.


I have used my energy healing abilities to help my son when he was lying in ICU with 30% second degree burns, as well as after a really bad motorbike accident which left him with two dislocated ankles and a fractured fibula and tibia. His words at the time was “do your thing please mom”.


Another client came to me because she noticed a pattern of binge eating, but it had to be junk food and it happened at various times and under varied circumstances. Even though she wasn’t hungry she would drive to the shop, make her purchase and virtually inhale the food before getting home. We worked together, unearthed the cause and BINGO – no more binge eating! One session.


Some clients come to me with no particular issue and then we stumble upon a HUGE event. Like the lady who was having difficulty in her relationship, when it turned out she had been abused as a child by an “uncle”. She had no recollection of it until we worked together, shifted her feelings and the energy around the abuse.


Not all my clients have been in-person. Many have been online. One client that I managed to persuade to switch to online was really skeptical, until the session was completed and she realised how deep we had gone and how much more had shifted.


I also love doing distant healing, the person involved only needs to give their permission. I have been accurate in what I picked up and effective in clearing the issue. I have worked on a young boy who had a terrible fear of storms, and while I was working on him there was a storm brewing. For the first time ever he carried on playing and didn’t even notice the storm. Relaxed child and happy mom!


Another way I work, though not often, is with animals. Obviously the animal cannot tell me what is wrong with it, yet I can pick up what the animal needs in order to feel safe, or what will help the animal easily take its medication. Or help the cat understand that the owners have to be away for an extended time and that they have arranged for a temporary home for the cat. They returned home to a happy cat, who had spent 3 months being pampered and fussed over.


It is not easy for me to explain how I do this work, I just seem to go into automatic-pilot mode, trusting my intuition and whatever information I receive from my guides and angels. Sometimes my hands tingle and get really warm. Some clients I could not physically work on, as they are too sensitive to the energy in the room (an in-person client). Yet everyone I work with – yes it requires work and participation from the client – experiences a shift. Most often I see it in their smiles and their faces, relaxed shoulders and they feel and look lighter. In fact they are beaming, as if lit up from the inside.


One thing I always do when I end a session with a client is “switch off” the energy and disconnect from the client. Two reasons. Firstly it gives the client the power to continue the healing journey we began. Secondly it prevents me from inadvertently passing on the energy I have tapped into onto others. One day I forgot my ritual “switch off” and went to switch on a light. I flicked the switch as I would normally and completely blew the light fitting. And it wasn’t just a normal globe but a fluorescent tube (strip light). I got such a fright from this surge of power (and no it wasn’t an electrical shock) that I mostly always remembered to “switch off”. In my case I go and wash my hands, it grounds me and reminds me to disconnect from the energy. Oh, I have also managed to walk into a glass sliding door on another occasion that I forgot to switch off!