We are often so tied up with trying to maintain a certain facade or standard, that we seldom realize how much energy that takes. When we clear the reason for holding that facade, we first feel relief. This is closely followed by a feeling of euphoria and then we crash. WHY?  Because we don’t have anything to replace that space previously held in place by the old energy pattern.



We go into the shadow aspect of whatever is keeping the facade or standard in place. Find the appropriate light archetype and blast the shadow to pieces. No need to replace the old pattern, old energy or feel that “something is missing”! We go forward and build a new paradigm that doesn’t require energy and manipulation to hold it in place.


Clients come wanting to change the things in their life that no are longer creating happiness, but they want a “quick fix”. They don’t want to do the work of letting go of the cause that got them into this place.

They want a “fix” but don’t want to let go of the control they use to keep everything in place. Because – who would they be without the control? Their victim consciousness keeps them stuck in a control loop and holding on to  things like “my anxiety”. It becomes the way they identify themselves.