The Ripple Effect is something we rarely think about, but it is happening all the time.


From a smile to a random stranger that makes their day to the scowl to the driver who pulled out in front of you. The first continues their day in a happier mood spreading kindness wherever they go. The second snaps at his wife when he gets home spending the rest of the day in silence and getting into bed to a frosty reception. It’s all happening subconsciously but having a big impact. 


It’s the same with my clients. Take the mum whose child was terrified of storms and strong wind. One session with me and the fear abated, the ripple effect for the mum was huge. She could relax, no longer needing to monitor weather reports or make endlessly complicated travel plans to school and holidays because of potential bad weather. Mum has more time for herself and more quality time with her child.


Or the child who was afraid of water. In a country with hot sunshine a good deal of the time and friends eager to swim, he was not able to participate. So, someone had to sit out with him, and he missed out on the fun with siblings and friends. How happy was he to splash in the water with his friends once I had eliminated the fear. How happy were his parents to relax and be stress free, finally enjoying family outings that included everyone. 


The person who stopped binge eating. She was embarrassed to be seen making her trips to the local store, so they became more furtive and took planning. Once the binge eating stopped, she had more free time and a sense of ease and freedom. So much so, she is now helping others do the same.


One of the techniques I encourage my clients to use is tapping into their inner knowing. Their intuition. I teach them techniques to “check” that what they think is the intuitive answer is exactly that and not some random thought. Hours of dithering and guessing, eliminated. Quick, easy and simple.


The ripple effect has so many spin offs. There has been insomnia eliminated after one session. Better sleep means better days.  We all feel better after a good night’s rest.  Not to mention saving money on sleeping aids and no longer feeling groggy after taking medication.  


The person whose anxiety we cleared had so much more going on in her life afterwards. Her relationship, her work, her family dynamics all drastically improved. All because she no longer had the crippling effect of anxiety. Miraculous? Yes it is. Is it real? Absolutely.


One of the most unusual requests I have had is to help a cat.  My client was planning a 3 month holiday overseas and their nervous cat needed special care.  They wanted to be able to relax and enjoy their time away, knowing their beloved pet was happy in her temporary home. I was able to communicate with the cat to let her know she was safe in her strange environment and that she would soon be reunited with her loving owners.


Shifting anxiety and fears has a big impact on your life.  You begin to realise just how much additional free time and extra energy you now have available and the ripple effect of this. You get to spend quality time with those you love and the abiding memory of you is someone who is relaxed, present and happy.