I have created something very special and I would love to invite you to work with me where I can identify what is blocking you, clear it from your body on an energetic level and teach you the tools so that you can clear it if it shows up again, even if it is in a slightly different way.

We will start with a 90 minute session, during which I will identify and clear the block/s. I will also teach you the tools so that you can do this work yourself. In 11 days we will meet again, for a 30 minute session, to make sure everything is still cleared and working. During these days you still have email access to me for questions and support. 

I usually charge $497 but as a special for BLACK FRIDAY I am charging $197. I am offering it to a limited number of people, after that the price will go back up again.


T&C’s the session needs to be used before 31st December 2019.

STRICTLY NO REFUNDS. This session also requires your input and your work, if you do not do the work nothing will change!