One Spark

One Spark


You see other people changing things in their lives. 


They make it look so easy! 


But you have tried, over and over again. All you get is the same old stuff. A re-run that never seems to end.



How it would feel to change one thing that is keeping you in a holding pattern. 

One thing that keeps repeating itself in a seemingly endless loop.


All it takes is one spark…

  • To ignite a fire
  • To start an engine
  • To create change


Let’s shift that one thing to get you out of the rut, or just change how you go through each day.


Put a smile on your face and a spring in your step


Create a spark for the catalyst to change – ignite that spark within YOU


Work together, 1-1, when I connect intuitively to you on a soul level. Using my extensive knowledge and ability to work with energy, let’s uncover the root cause. Heal it and free yourself to move forward.


Special offer R599 / £50 for one session

This is for you if

  • You know and recognise that there is a repeat pattern that is keeping you stuck
  • You are ready to change this
  • You are open to trying something from a different approach


This is NOT for you if

  • You know don’t want change
  • You don’t see repeating incidents as a type of sign
  • You are not ready to try something different