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Changing just one thing can create lasting changes

How often have you got to a place of having enough? You want no more of this?


You are done with feeling tired and frustrated, especially if it feels as if there is no logical explanation for feeling that way. You cannot explain it, it is just that way. You want to get your zest for life back again.  


You’ve tried to change before but what’s the point, it just feels hard and it never works anyway!  Your friends try to convince you that you don’t need to change but then they don’t know how you really feel.  The confident person they get to see isn’t the person who is reflected back at you when you look in the mirror at the end of the day.  That reflection is tired with life, exhausted with how hard life feels.  She just wants to escape to somewhere, anywhere where you will feel better. 


I am here to tell you that yes change can feel messy but IT DOES WORK!  The end result is definitely worth it. 


You can feel relieved that you no longer feel you have to fit in and you can just be yourself.  You can feel recharged with a new found energy as life no longer feels so heavy and you can feel calm as the chaos in your mind begins to subside. Finally you  feel seen and heard, more secure.


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It’s time to change things and do it differently so that you get a result that excites you! 

And are the friends that kept telling you to stay the same there for you when you feel p1$$ed off and angry that you’ve allowed the same $h1t to happen to you again?


So let’s make this change happen for you. 

 Yes we have been hardwired to remain in the tribe because being different meant exclusion and struggling to survive on your own. These days there are more people outside “the tribe” than in it! Yes those nearest and dearest don’t want to see us hurting. And then if we change it may mean they need to change too. So they would rather keep the whole status quo, even if it’s darned uncomfortable.


It’s time for you to stop worrying about what others think and what others want for you.  It’s time for you to stop being the ‘good girl’ and time for you to change your life for YOU.


Yes it can feel scary. It’s unknown and maybe you have tried to change before and you didn’t enjoy the outcome. So you gave up and kept everything the same. And for a while it felt safe and normal. 

Until one day you couldn’t keep doing it. You had had enough.  SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE! 


Yep, you guessed it! The circle starts again


How do I know? Because I’ve done this dance! Many times.


Until I found my way out. And now I am happy with what I have achieved. You get to choose.  So let’s choose change. 


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