Some days, things can feel heavy, dragging you down. Almost like life is not worth living.

I was browsing Facebook this morning and came across a post from a person who had decided he was going to end his life. He had it all planned, the place, the time, the rope. Yet things didn’t work out quite the way he planned. Even though he tested the rope and the branch, the rope broke. He landed up in hospital. Yes, he outcome changed – death wasn’t ready to claim him then.

I love his affirmation.

 ‘I open myself up to the light..the life ..the universe..the energy that flows through me.. connecting me to it and all living things…today is going to be a positive and productive day’

So, what would you choose to do if you were granted a “do over” of your life?

Would you live your life differently?

I know that I can answer my question with a resounding YES. And yet there are days when things do not feel as positive, it is not all sunshine and roses with unicorns and glitter. Mostly on those days when it isn’t all roses, I am quiet, because I value my space and my introspection. If I find that it has spiralled into something darker and deeper, I make a plan to change things, reach out for help.

Yesterday I came across someone who was seriously considering suicide. Afterwards I asked a supervision group, of which I am part, for their feedback and reflections on the story. One person said that it is the quiet ones that need to be watched, the people who only keep it in their thoughts and not verbalise their intent. I don’t have much experience in this field, so I cannot say one way or the other. What I can say is that if this is a constant thought or feeling – please reach out. There are people who will help, organisations that have people on hand just for this reason.

How will you show up as your one true light? Your true self?

What needs to change in order for you to stand up and out, to declare to the world, to anyone who wants to hear? In fact, declare it even louder if they don’t want to hear, because their opinion is just that – theirs. It is all about how you feel, what works for YOU.

And what will you declare – your truth? Your values? Will you stand by them no matter what?

And how will your day take shape if you start it with the anticipation of it being a positive and productive day?

 Some days this week have been more than a little bit trying. Plans got changed, cancelled, completely rewritten. I could allow it to take me off course, change my outlook for the day. I could choose to sit in the dark corner, rocking gently. Or I could say – “bring it on Universe, I am ready for the plot twist”. Something better is coming my way

I would love to hear how you face those “not so good” days, or moments. Do you have a go-to practice? Or do you just wing it?