Break the cycle

of repeating life experiences


Changing just one thing can create lasting changes

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Break the Cycle of experiences repeating themselves!


When you pick up the phone to call your friend for the 20th time & realise the conversation you are about to have is deja vu … that’s when you realise you’re in a pattern


Or when you are exhausted at the end of the day fitting into everybody’s expectations of you. If you were a chameleon you would be a rainbow because you are so confused about who you are …  you’re in a pattern 


And the pattern every time you come back to, is that you are turning yourself into a pretzel trying to fit into what everyone else wants you to be … even the yogi masters couldn’t achieve this!


There is another way for you 


It’s time to interrupt the pattern … break the cycle … live your life without being in constant battle with these things 

Introducing: Break the Cycle


An 8 session adventure to being the leader of your own life, feeling confident & happy to be you

   Imagine the free time, liberation and joy you can step into when you stop trying to fit in with other people’s expectations 

   Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling full of life instead of out of sorts 

  Imagine not being on a never ending quest to find THE answer in another reading, workshop or scratching around in a vat of fortune cookies 

This is everything we cover (and more) inside of Pattern Interrupted … this life is available for you and it’s available for you now … or over the next 8 weeks!  

This is how it works 


One call every week

  • Clear the energetic patterns that keep you playing out the same stories
  • Release the unhealthy attachment to fitting in with people’s expectations 
  • Recognise that NO! Is a full sentence and feel confident to express and stand in your boundaries 
  • Create an easy way to step into your new life whilst overcoming your triggers (and other people’s perceptions of the changes you are embracing) 
  • Support you through the journey & the process in real time 


We meet once every week for 8 weeks.  

All calls are recorded so that you can revisit as required. 


PLUS you have direct access to me on Telegram so that I can support you in real time – this is where the REAL sustainable changes happen. 




£3333 for the 8 weeks – there are limited opportunities currently  available.


Payment plans are available


Message me to Break the Cycle of experiences that keep endlessly repeating themselves and holding you back from becoming the leader of your life … the one you were always meant to be! 

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