Two years ago, while on holiday on Namaqualand, I experienced a feeling of “coming home” – but it was to a Soul Home. I smiled this huge smile while tears streamed down my face. I spent 5 days in the area, just taking in the feeling and absorbing it all. Once back  from the holiday, I set about trying to discover what the link was to this area, specifically for me. Various people gave me varied answers but nothing seemed to hit home as I had expected it to.


This year I finally understand the connection I have there!


Think Akashic Records – but different. These records – well actually Star Codes – exist for a variety of purposes. Currently the codes I have accessed are there to shatter Victim Consciousness, to move us forward, to give us knowledge and serve to download and activate these codes.


I have spent the last few weeks downloading information about the 12 Star Code activation that form the 3-month “upgrade” for anyone who is ready to step into their role of Supreme Sovereignty. To me Supreme Sovereignty means freedom from what other people think of me, freedom to live life according to your dreams and desires.


So, if you dare, I invite you to embark on the Queen’s Quest – the Royal Road to Supreme Sovereignty. Are you ready to leave the mundane behind, to boldly step forward and claim your place? To abandon victim consciousness and stand strong, living life on your terms? CLICK HERE for more info