Have you ever come home, kicked off your shoes and thought – if only people could see me now? The real you, the one that only appears behind closed doors. And never in front of friends or family. Because if they see the real you, perhaps they wouldn’t like you! Maybe you don’t even like that version of you!


From the outside looking in – you appear to have it all. The lifestyle others drool over, the clothes, the house, the family-life. It all looks “magazine perfect” from the outside. But when you are alone, with only your thoughts – how do you feel? Do you feel as confident and as “put together” as you appear?


Bravo if you do – you have achieved something that very few people can. You have worked hard and made the changes needed.


But there are many, who have this nagging feeling  – that one day someone is going to jump out from a hiding place and shout: “found you out, you aren’t this perfect person you show up as in public!”. Often there is a carefully constructed facade behind which to hide. It all appears to be functioning from the view presented to the world. Yet there is this underlying, “feet-paddling-furiously” as you maintain your place in the world.


Let’s look at the other side of things for a moment, the person you aspire to be, the “put together, everything works for me” person. What does it feel like to be that person, to wake up knowing that you are that version of you? No more struggling to convince yourself, pasting on the smile, striding out to hide the feeling of panic and low self-confidence.


Yes, that’s right – take a deep breath and then let it all go! Because you can be that person. 


I am not going to lie and tell you it will happen in the blink of an eye, a “Mary Poppins” magic moment. 

It can happen. 

There is another way, a way that doesn’t involve this furious planning and struggle! Draining your energy, sapping your strength and time. 


You can go from feeling like a fraud – a Foolish Failure to being the Supreme Sovereign in your life.


A Supreme Sovereign feels in control of life, living life on your own terms. Even to the extent of not giving a rat’s a$$ what people think. To be bold and fearless.


So my call is to ask you – are you ready to stand in your full power and authority to rule your own life as a queen?