Time to do something differently ………


You know the saying –


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”!


Albert Einstein



Part of doing things differently is that I incorporate the Wisdom of Horses into the workshop. If you are attending online, we will still use the energy of the horses, you obviously don’t get to interact with them personally.


Horses are sentient beings, they know no other way of being other than to be present in the moment! This is part of what they will teach us. Another aspect is the fact that they ask that we show up authentically, as ourselves. Drop the masks that we wear in public, at work or around others where we feel we cannot be ourselves.

Equine therapy is a powerful way to get in touch with thoughts and feelings. Instead of using our mind to address a problem, we learn to use our bodies and heart to feel and react in the moment. Horses have the unique ability to sense emotions and react accordingly, so they will quickly show you where you can change by reflecting your emotions back to you!

What you can expect ?

By the end of this dream-packed, intensive workshop, you will…
• Have clarity, focus, direction and tangible tools to create a life you love and turn your dreams into reality
• Be clear on a future direction for your life
• Know 3 simple ways to attract what you want, whatever your goals are
• Have given yourself time to relax and play
• Have made a Dream Map to take home to keep Dreams and Goals in focus
• Have given yourself time for you
• Have a Big Goal to inspire you
• Maximise your potential and power
• Learn how to attract useful opportunities
• Understand why stress and worry about your goals actually repels opportunities and what to do about it
• Find a renewed zest and energy for life

Imagine: you’re living the life you have only ever dreamed about


Have you ever woken up thinking

  • Is this all there is to my life?
  • I’m tired of doing life by rote.
  • Surely there must be something more to life?


The 1-day Dream Mapping workshop is aimed at helping you to live the life you’ve only ever dreamed about . To help you create a Wildly Inspired  Goal that will fire up your imagination and enthusiasm.

Put the fun and inspiration back into your life!

Imagine for a moment that you have been gifted with “The Answer” that you have always searched for, that you have a plan outlining how to achieve things you may only have dreamed of as being possible.

How awesome would that feel – knowing that you are on the path to having your wildest inspired goals becoming a reality?

  • What will be different in your life now?
  • Where will you be?
  • What will you be doing
  • What do you hear, taste and smell?


This life changing one-day workshop will help you to go from frustration and boredom to a life of possibility and inspiration

After following this process myself and finding out how easily I could live my own Wildly Inspired Goals in real life, I decided that I’d love to help other people live a life that inspires and excites them.


“Design your Life” is a one-day experiential workshop that will give you

  • Your own vision board to inspire and remind you of your goals
  • Workbook with a written version of your vision
  • Tools, tips and tricks to keep your dreams and goals in focus
  • Reminders on how to achieve your goals.

The day

  • We will start with a brief introduction and chat
  • Then we get to meet our horse companions and interact with them. We won’t be riding them, have no worries there, but we will be learning from them.
  • This is followed by a short relaxation exercise and meditation.
  • Then it’s on to the exciting part of creating your own Vision Board. Using this we will work together to find the key to your Dream Life.
  • We will have another chance to interact with the horses and learn more from them too

What to bring

Your own packed lunch
3 magazines that you are happy to cut up
A small cushion and blanket or mat for the meditation
Wear comfortable clothing so you can feel relaxed too.

Tea, coffee, water and fruit will be provided


 includes interaction with the horses.

R950.00 per person

Email me to be notified of early bird specials



 5 hours duration in total, broken into 2 parts.

$75.00 per person

Email me to be notified of early bird specials.


Is this is just what you need right now?

Are you ready to shift your life and take control……?

…..then this is the workshop for you.

Join me!

Book now to avoid disappointment – click HERE  or email coral@alchemizeyou.com

Coral 082 901 6255


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