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Are you tired of the same thoughts, beliefs and emotions  tripping you up, keeping you replaying the same old story that gets you nowhere?


You’ve tried to change and you’ve said to yourself on many occasions, ‘this time it will be different’. But it never is. You look back and nothing has changed, you are in the exact same emotional state as before. You feel so frustrated and once again disappointed that nothing has changed. You feel like you’re on a never ending loop and you’d like to pack your bags for a one-way trip to anywhere but here!


I know exactly what that feels like. I had times when I escaped from daily life- taking a holiday for one. Yes I relaxed, slept and read a lot, took long walks or just sat watching the waves. Yet coming home my thoughts and emotions  were still the same. It was as if I hoped that the time away would change things for me..


I had to take a long hard look at myself and my relationship. I could have pointed fingers at my partner, yet I knew that it wasn’t him. Years later I realised that I still cared dearly for him, I just didn’t like who I became when I was with him!


My “go to” when I felt down and in tears was to phone my best friend. Until one day I realised I was doing this on repeat. It made me feel ok for a while, yet it wasn’t her place to solve my problem. I had to recognise the issue first and then take ownership of it.


I needed to change and when I made the change in myself it was HUGE


I want to show you how you can change your life in 44 days.  This is a bold statement I know but I have seen clients change in such a short time, I know it is possible for you.


No more traveling trying to escape the emotions within because, wherever you go, life just follows you


It has nothing to do with where you find yourself and everything to do with YOU..



My superpower is helping people change their lives from the “help I want to get out of here” to ” happiness at last”.


Just like a young lady who could not venture out of her house unless she had a trusted family member or friend close by. Shopping was a nightmare and being in close proximity to strangers was even worse. This was aggravated because it was at the height of the pandemic. Once we finished working together, not only was she able to confidently shop on her own and drive her car, she caught a train – loaded with our finest football fans (you know the level of discomfort most people feel with this) and then travel overseas to visit family. And this wasn’t years of working together. This was 3 sessions!


Or like the chap who had such bad sciatica that he couldn’t put his own socks and shoes on, nor turn over in bed at night without waking up. At the end of the first session he had tingling in his toes and woke up the next morning not having to wake himself up to turn over. And he promptly put on his own socks and shoes. We worked together for one more session and that was it! Only 2 sessions and he was able to get a restful night’s sleep and get himself dressed in the morning. Life changing!


Or another client came to me because she noticed a pattern of binge eating, but it had to be junk food and it happened at various times and under varied circumstances. Even though she wasn’t hungry she would drive to the shop, make her purchase and virtually inhale the food before getting home. We worked together, unearthed the cause and BINGO – no more binge eating! One session.


If you know you are ready to find your happiness, to heal and change that old story that has been holding you back. If you are ready to be seen and heard for yourself, even be bold enough to follow your heart and do what lights you up and puts a spring in your step…


Then let me be in your life for 44 days and watch the healing transformation happen for you. 


Others who have embarked on this bold path have completely changed their lives. 


One client found her office job so boring, she had to force herself to work and struggled to meet her weekly deadlines, she would then take the next 2 weeks away in the bush as an escape.  Only to return and repeat the sequence.  After working with me, she now lives happily surrounded by nature, spending her days exploring its beauty, playing her music and sharing her wisdom and knowledge on social media and the radio. She went from ‘help I want to get out of here’ to ‘happiness at last’.



We will work together for 4 weekly Zoom sessions with a final session on the last day. Office hours support using Telegram or Voxer which will also include distant healing, meditations and any other support needed as you make changes to yourself and your life.


Are you ready to transform your life? No longer feeling exhausted or second guessing your every move. But instead feeling happy and relaxed as you finally feel you are exactly where you are meant to be. Then let’s spend the next 44 days together and make this happen.


Investment £1444

There is another way for you 


It’s time to change things and do it differently so that you get a result that excites you! 

What does this help me to achieve?


  Take action on your intuitive nudges and insights and develop your intuition even more

  Get to take massive action that creates results in your business

  Accountability and planning – you need a roadmap otherwise you go nowhere

  Make moves you previously thought impossible because you doubted yourself and your ability

  Handle the voices that say you can’t, you won’t make it, you aren’t good enough or clever enough, don’t know enough

  Silence the self-doubt that says nobody wants your services


This is how it works 


  • We meet weekly via Zoom for 4 weeks with a final session on day 44 to ensure your lasting transformation
  • All calls are recorded so that you can revisit as required.  
  • PLUS you have direct access to me on Telegram so that I can support you in real time – this is where the REAL sustainable changes happen. 




£1444 for the 44 days – there are limited opportunities currently  available.


Payment plans are available


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