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Why I do what I do?


I have spent many hours working with clients, and the one thing that keeps me coming back to do this work, is seeing how a client’s face “lights up” when they feel that things are changing. To see that look of relief beaming out from them, with a smile that is “a mile wide” just lights me up EVERY time



Hello dear starseed, I am Coral. Your guide and star warrior!

My journey has been inspired by a search for answers.

During a time when I was undergoing therapy and traditional treatments to support me through relationship issues, depression, medical issues, and a general feeling that my life was going nowhere, my therapist said to me, “This is all inner child stuff”. Elated that someone had figured out what was ‘wrong’ with me, I asked him what the next step was. “I don’t know”, he said.

Frustrated, but armed with this vital insight, I began an exploration into alternative methods for guiding me out of the situation I was in. After researching relaxation techniques, I decided to try reiki. I was told I would fall asleep during the treatment and wake up feeling blissful – but I felt nothing!

Despite feeling disillusioned, I joined the dolphin swim run by the woman who did the reiki healing. A friend of mine asked what reiki is, and this woman replied, “Reiki will change your life”. I can’t explain why I was called by this simple statement, but I enrolled in a reiki course.

As I learned, I noticed the heat that would emanate from my hands whenever I was close to someone in need of healing. Others could feel this heat from me, also. I began to understand that my path was to be a healer for myself so that I could become a healer for others.

I think of myself as a ‘personal change therapist’, a guide for those who feel stuck in a place in their lives that they have no idea how to get out of. Maybe they don’t even know they’re stuck there, but they know something isn’t right. I know this, because this was me. And I know it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

I’m something of an alchemist. I may look ‘normal’; I don’t have a black cat, wear a pointy hat or ride a broom on nights with a full moon, but I certainly harness a beautiful energy that creates real change in people’s lives.

Nature gives me strength. I will happily wander along a mountain stream or gaze into the nearby bushland, seeking that elusive wild animal, for hours.

I have been an Intuitive Energy Healer for over 20 years. Reiki and a number of healing modalities combine together to form a unique blend that I use when healing my clients.

In the midst of it, I could not understand why I was stuck in a loop, repeating patterns I didn’t even know punctuated my life. Now, it is clear to me that this was my path all along.


Women are the backbone of everything worth doing. Each and every woman holds a sacred power within herself that is bursting to come forth in service to her and to those she seeks to support.

Each woman has a purpose, a soul purpose, guiding her during her time on Earth. And it is my soul purpose to be the guide that she needs to step into the magic she is here to gift the world.

I disrupt patterns. I connect with the truth of who you are and bring it to the surface so that you can claim it and bring about the change that is so needed in this New Earth Paradigm.

I literally change lives. Just like you will.

After years of guiding my clients to expand their intuition, overcome ‘compassion fatigue’, communicate with animals, and develop true creativity, I know when something magical is hidden and waiting for the right moment to spring to life.

I’ve been courageous and blessed enough to create a life that includes travel to exotic places, a business I adore and relationships I am proud of.

I will walk alongside you to create lasting transformation in YOUR life, so that you can continue to evolve in alignment with your soul purpose and unique vision.

The road isn’t always easy, but you will be a stronger person for doing the work, slaying shadows and fears that hold you back.

The time will come – a lot sooner than you think – when you realise the extent of the power you hold within and the transformations you can bring to your own life and to the lives of others. And then, you will know that everything that came before and everything that lies ahead is a vital piece of who you’re meant to be.


You’re here because you’re being called to something deeper. Maybe you know what that is and you’re seeking guidance on the most aligned way to get there.

Or perhaps you just have this feeling that you can’t explain. You just know that you feel stuck where you are, in a loop you can’t really see, and are ready to step out onto a new path.

When we blindly follow ‘the plan’ – all the things we’re told we’re supposed to do – and find it is getting us nowhere, it means there is a deeper calling awaiting us. Not all of us are brave enough to heed the call.

Are you?


We are a soul match if you:

  • are ready to step out of frustration and create true change in your life
  • feel your energy has shut off or is stuck and you want to bring it back into alignment
  • know you have a soul purpose (even if you don’t know what it is) and you want to discover how to draw it out
  • are not content with the direction your life is going but are unsure how to make the changes necessary to realign your path
  • desire to evolve and pursue your passions
  • know you have a gift but are not sure how to use it in service to yourself and others

We are not aligned if you:

  • are looking for easy answers
  • don’t really want to look past the obstacles to see the opportunities
  • are not committed to doing the work required to effect change
  • are seeking support with trauma or depression
  • are not willing to adapt to make room for transformation in your life

My work is about embracing change, whether we seek the change or whether it is thrust upon us. It is in how we navigate the inevitable ebbs and flows in life that our character is built. And it is this willingness to step into the current that allows us to call forth our magic

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