At some stage we all get a wake up call, but what you do about it is still your choice. You can bury your head under the covers and turn over and go back to sleep again, or you can take action! And taking action is obviously the scary part. If you’re like me you will probably try and dodge things for a while, telling yourself “I will do it when I have finished..” whatever the current project is.


But then sometimes the universe gets tired of waiting for you to get your act together. And steps in!


Which is what happened to me. Here is a bit of the back story!


I have been working as an energy healer for ages – well over 12 years. Along the way I have learned new techniques, improved on existing ones and pretty much can operate on auto-pilot. Which means it becomes easy for me, no effort required to achieve results for my clients. Let’s be straight – my clients still got the results, they didn’t miss out. When I decided to market my services, I joined a network or two and more in the public eye. I found myself having to explain what I do in language that everyone could understand. And words like “soul” and “spirit” would probably send most of my audience running for their cross and garlic! In fact some stood their ground and bravely told me to change how I explained what I did, without the woo-woo and weird stuff. So I found a new way to language what I did, making it feel safer and more acceptable to people. 


BUT – along the way, I lost me ! I love working on a soul level, I love working with guides, angels and other energies. I still did, but not openly with my clients. And the connection in my work grew weaker and the number of clients dwindled. I developed programs – ones that I channeled and created “on the fly”. Helping Introverts to sell, helping esoteric business owners to grow their in-person business into an online business. Yes we had good results, clients were happy. The only one unhappy, unsatisfied, was ME!


I found a few more bread crumbs along the route, and kept following where my intuition led me. Two people came onto my radar and I followed their free challenges and went into things a little deeper. One person challenged me to write out what I would tell prospective clients if I only had 20 minutes left to live, what did I REALLY want them to know? What did I yearn to get them to understand? Well I wrote that out, but lacked the courage to make it public (maybe that will be the next blog post!) The other session I followed was an exercise to find my energy code. Even the first time I ducked the real issue. I went back twice and then it hit me – I was operating without clearly including Soul into my work. I needed to be able to step away from all the voices of well meaning networkers, coaches and others who had told me it was too woo-woo and weird. 

I needed to honour who I am and how I work.

Still I hung back. I will write my new program when I am ready, I said to myself, I just need to finish this project, this job. I wasn’t ready to face this new aspect.

And complete the tasks I did. Although I had a migraine, which slowed me down. On the final day of working over the weekend, I had packed up all the equipment and work I was busy with. Now it was time to relax and enjoy the last of the weekend. Walking from my office to the lounge, across a smooth, tiled floor – I suddenly found myself face first on the floor. Face plant of note! I didn’t even have time to notice I had tripped. One minute I was upright, the next face forward on the floor! (nothing got broken, no bones, no tiles or even my glasses)


After the initial shock and pain wore off I had to sit and decide what it was I didn’t want to face? Now it seems obvious, but just then it didn’t. Now I am busy rewriting my business with Soul, honouring the calling and the wake-up call too!


Where are you ignoring things, what do you keep pushing aside for “another” day, another time? Don’t put it off any longer. You may get another chance to do it, or your time may be permanently cut short  – please don’t put it off!