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Ready to take massive action in your life?


Most people don’t complete the tasks or projects that they have on their vision board. Not because you aren’t motivated, but because there is something stopping you from moving forward. It isn’t only about having a plan and accountability but identifying why you keep self-sabotaging. We will create a plan that addresses this, to support you and get to the root of why things aren’t moving for you.

You may think that your plan is the reason things haven’t worked out for you up to this point. I can guarantee that there are factors that you are probably unaware of that are keeping you feeling this way. Things like

  • Impostor syndrome
  • Feeling like you are not qualified enough
  • Lack of experience
  • Feel like you don’t know enough
  • Worried that you are seen as a fraud
  • Fear of visibility – either in general or on camera

There is another way for you 


It’s time to change things and do it differently so that you get a result that excites you! 

What does this help me to achieve?


  Take action on your intuitive nudges and insights and develop your intuition even more

  Get to take massive action that creates results in your business

  Accountability and planning – you need a roadmap otherwise you go nowhere

  Make moves you previously thought impossible because you doubted yourself and your ability

  Handle the voices that say you can’t, you won’t make it, you aren’t good enough or clever enough, don’t know enough

  Silence the self-doubt that says nobody wants your services


This is how it works 


One call every week


We meet once every week for during the 30 days online via Zoom

All calls are recorded so that you can revisit as required. 


PLUS you have direct access to me on Telegram so that I can support you in real time – this is where the REAL sustainable changes happen. 




£404 for the 30 days – there are limited opportunities currently  available.


Payment plans are available


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