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What is Personal Change Therapy?

Wondering what to do about your life patterns or experiences that keep repeating themselves?


This is what will help break that repeating pattern, to make lasting changes in your life.

This enable you to live your life without the constant fear or worry that things will always go “wrong” or that you have no control over what happens in your life.

What is The Process Like?

Each session is individually tailored to you. While the questions I pose may sound the same, the results speak for themselves.

Every session will involve a degree of humour, some light moments and some playful times.

As I work through intuitive guidance, the only thing I can say for sure is that if you are willing to do the work, you will receive results.

Not all results are felt immediately or in the physical realm. They are often more subtle and perhaps more noteable by the absence of the way something happens, for example –  less anger, less eating masses of junk food, better sleep.

About Me

Hello, I’m Coral.

Your Bada$$ leader


Pattern Interrupter


Star Warrior!

Women are the backbone of everything worth having.

I also know that you have a purpose here on earth. After years of supporting people to grow intuition,  overcome “compassion fatigue”, communicate with animals and develop true creativity, I’ve been courageous and blessed enough to create a life that includes travel to exotic places, a business I adore and relationships I am proud of.

I will be walking at your side to create lasting transformation –showing you the way to evolve.

Yes there will be tears, there will probably be loads of cuss words to!

But you will be a stronger person for doing the work, slaying shadows and fears. Until you too can turn around and see the changes that you have created in your life – a life that is worth owning and being proud to stand up and say 

I DID IT! I said YES to myself, YES to living life on my terms!


“Anger issues have cleared. Noticed a significant difference in how I process anger and arguments now.

Sister – I am choosing how to respond and not reacting, not feeling disempowered, or “less than”. I make an empowered decision and then let it go. It is a neutral feeling inside me.

Boyfriend – I am able to reflect what I want, even though I feel defensive at times and that I am being blamed. We had a significant argument and the next day I realised I was not hanging on to that where previously I would keep rehashing it over and over. I am not getting hooked into arguments, there are less raised voices and shouting. I am able to let go of the anger quicker, it is not consuming me, not engulfing me. I feel empowered and it is not smothering me.

The anger has left my body.”

“Public Speaking – I can now stand in front of people and speak with confidence without starting to sweat and shake. I can now easily teach and facilitate training at work, which has enabled me to be noticed by my peers and being sought out for my knowledge on the subject.”

“I have been to France, travelling all by myself across 2 trains and the plane. I would never have managed that before our sessions. One of the trains was packed wiht football fans in no masks, so it was a difficult ride but I made it!”

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