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Hi, I’m Coral.

Your Bada$$ leader and slayer of shadows

The other day I was called a Star Warrior!

I know we women are the backbone of everything worth having.

I also know that you have a purpose here on earth. After years of supporting people to grow intuition,  overcome “compassion fatigue”, communicate with animals and develop true creativity, I’ve been courageous and blessed enough to create a life that includes travel to exotic places, a business I adore and relationships I am proud of. I will be walking at your side to create lasting transformation –showing you the way to evolve. Yes there will be tears, there will probably be loads of cuss words to! But you will be a stronger person for doing the work, slaying shadows and fears. Until you too can turn around and see the changes that you have created in your life – a life that is worth owning and being proud to stand up and say 


I said YES to myself, YES to living life on my terms!

"If you need some fresh accurate insight, comfort, release and support for your healing journey "

Whilst in the thick of my personal healing, both physically and emotionally, Coral helped me to process some really big stuff through distant healing. It’s incredible what she picks up, and we weren’t even in the same  room, house or suburb. She holds beautiful safe space and I’d recommend her distant healing.       Kate Emmerson – Author, life coach, speaker 

I have had the opportunity to be Coral’s client for a number of different services that she offers.

Each time I have experienced Coral as a deeply caring and very practical practitioner. She generously shared her wisdom, insight, intuition and knowledge whilst guiding me to use simple, but powerful, tools to help myself. I have been able to clear recent and past traumas, and to see where to work on physical and emotional challenges. Alison Gitelson  Canbeedone – Growing people, Growing businesses

I highly recommend Coral and her amazing insight and ability if you’re feeling stuck, afraid and anxious. She is empathetic and kind and a super talented energy worker!

I was feeling stuck and helpless. I’d been working with Coral for a short time when I suddenly had a series of panic attacks. They came out of the blue. I felt like I was suffocating. It felt like was losing my mind. Coral worked on me energetically, while suggesting some simple techniques that helped me feel momentarily better. I literally climbed into bed and pulled the blankets over my head. The panic subsided and I felt calmer. I continued working with Coral over the following weeks, using the tools she’d taught me. I experienced an unexpected breakthrough which shifted everything for me. It helped me see the recurring patterns in my life and how they’d contributed to my current reality. I’m happy to say that I haven’t experienced panic attacks again and I truly feel that an old part of me that I had been trying to change for years, finally gave way and I’ve made amazing progress since. Colleen Mulrooney, Artist & Animal Empath

Coral is an extraordinary woman who really cares about her clients

I started seeing Coral Bell, an energy therapist, a few years ago. Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and tapping (gently touching areas on the face and neck), Coral has helped me to move forward with my life and to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.  After just a few sessions, many people commented that I looked so much happier. I also felt so much lighter because I learnt that I do not need to take on everybody else’s problems and that I can say “no” and still lead a normal life!  She has also helped me to lessen a great deal of my physical pain in my body – a great deal of which is caused by emotional baggage. Coral is an extraordinary woman who really cares about her clients and I believe that she has made a huge impact in many areas of my life. Her strict confidentiality, being a qualified pharmacist as well as a lay preacher and a ‘normal’ down to earth mother and wife, all endeared her to me. Pippa

This woman is an intuition powerhouse!

Coral was completely spot on! She tuned in to a health issue I was having, without having any background on the complicated history I had with this issue. She nailed it, right down to specifics! She was super fast with her feedback to boot. Crystal Davis Business coach for entrepreneurs who want to travel the world.

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